Prime minister assures handicapped vendors will be allotted lottery tickets


BANGKOK, 26 March 2015 – The government is not looking to stop allocating lottery tickets to handicapped lottery vendors even though it was looking to allot some tickets to convenience stores in order to keep the selling price at 80 baht, according to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

General Prayut said on Wednesday the government was not discontinuing allotment of tickets to handicapped vendors, but was re-distributing the allocation quotas – currently provided to large vendors – so that smaller sellers and convenience stores would also get lottery tickets to sell. The prime minister reasoned that providing buyers with alternatives would also ensure that the tickets would be sold at 80 baht, making it more likely that all tickets would be sold out, even ones with undesirable numbers.

Gen. Prayut said the selling price in Bangkok and in the provinces should be only slightly different. He added that online sale of lotteries would take place in the future.