Premier confirms Welfare Card project will solve poverty, sustainably


Bangkok, 16 August 2019 (NNT) – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha confirmed today that the government continues to provide financial support to low-income earners in order to solve poverty problems on a sustainable basis. Last year, over three million low-income earners underwent vocational development training to help them earn better incomes and improve their quality of life. Government Spokesperson Naruemon Pinyosinwat said today that the premier has ordered an evaluation of the Welfare Card project in order to solve poverty problems on a sustainable basis.

Thailand has not collected data on the people’s incomes before they were registered for the Welfare Card project under which Big Data has been compiled for low-income earners. Data on low rates of income are yet to be thoroughly analyzed and used for solutions to poverty problems in four respects. That means low-income earners will be given access to basic subsistence, undergo educational and vocational development programs, be provided with job opportunities and be assisted in settling their loan repayments, while being given access to formal financial sources.

Last year, about 3.2 million low-income earners attended vocational development courses which could help as many as a million of them to rise above the 30,000 baht per annum poverty line. Their incomes have increased by an average of 1,713 baht per month or about 20,000 baht in a year. Of the total one million low-income earners, about 100,000 people are earning over 100,000 baht in a year, accounting for an average 3,861 baht increase in monthly income, or a 46,000 baht increase yearly.

The premier assured members of the public, that the government will readily support low-income earners in all respects if they are cooperative. The private sector will be asked to take part in the vocational development for low-income earners and look to employ them in order to help solve the poverty issue on a sustainable basis.