Prayut asks taxi operators not to take advantage of passengers


BANGKOK, 24 Jan 2015,  Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged taxi operators not to take advantages of passengers, referring to the infamous case involving a cab driver at Suvarnabhumi Airport and a Japanese tourist that has gone viral on the social media.

During his weekly broadcast program ‘Return the Happiness to the People,’ the General talked about the government’s attempt to reorganize Suvarnabhumi Airport’s taxi services. According to him, an advance queue management system is used at the airport in order to eliminate the problems of taxi drivers choosing passengers.

The number of complaints on driver’s failure to turn on the meter or turning down passengers has increased, said the Prime Minister, adding that the airport has set up taxi checkpoints at Gate 1-8 since January 19th. Staff at checkpoints are to make sure that all cab drivers turn on their meters, and to inspect passenger’s queue tickets. Passengers are also advised to keep their tickets during the entire trip and not to give it them to the drivers.

General Prayut also asked all cab drivers not to take advantage of passengers, and to turn on the fare meter every time the cab is in service; most importantly, they must not turn down any passengers, be they Thais or foreigners.