Popular OTOP items in the international markets revealed


BANGKOK, 28 Mar 2015 – Mr. Apichart Prasert, Director of the Knowledge Management and Projects, Office of Knowledge Management and Development, revealed that the most demanded OTOP products in 180 markets around the world are processed food & drinks, household utensils, decorative & souvenir products, garments & accessories.

The director said that healthy snacks, such as dried vegetables, organic rice are most popular in the U.S. According to him, food exports generated a total of 24 trillion baht in 2013. He speculated that the sector would grow 2.18% in 5 years.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s OTOP household utensils, decorative and souvenir items are making a big hit in Japan with sales of 2.7 billion baht last year, an increase of 0.68% from the year before. Mr. Apichart said the Japanese favor these products because of its superb quality and design.

OTOP garments and ornaments, on the other hand, receive high popularity in Singapore, Mr. Apichart said, pointing out the products generated 197.3 billion baht in 2014. He expected the sales of these exports would grow 2.28% this year.