Poll shows majority satisfied with NCPO performance


BANGKOK, July 21 — A survey conducted recently by Master Poll showed that majority of respondents are satisfied with the overall performance of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

Assoc Prof Chet Ratchadapunnathikul, vice chairman of Master Poll, said the survey conducted on 2,148 people nationwide found that 72.4 per cent agreed that the social atmosphere in Thailand had improved as compared to before the May 22 bloodless coup by the NCPO.

Master Poll is a survey by the Thai Researchers in Community Happiness Association (TRICHA).

On local politics and the economy, 69.7 per cent and 56.8 per cent of respondents respectively said both had improved.

Prof Chet cited the poll as showing that 88.1 per cent of the respondents wanted a national leader having courage and straightforwardness while 76.7 per cent wanted a leader who could make decisions to solve the country’s problems and 61 per cent wanted an honest leader.

The survey showed that 82.3 per cent wanted the NCPO to solve rising cost of living, 76.8 asked it to help landless people find occupations, 74.6 per cent wanted help in the form or lower oil prices, 67.4 per cent by reducing the high production costs of agricultural products and 56.6 per cent asked for assistance to unemployed people.

Nearly three-fourths of respondents, 73.2 per cent, also called for clean politics while 63.6 per cent asked for strict enforcement of the law, and 61 per cent asked the NCPO to eradicate the problems of inappropriately influential persons and narcotics.