Poll finds Thai youth fed up with politics


BANGKOK, 9 January 2014 A recent survey suggests that most children in Thailand have grown weary of politics due to the current turmoil while hoping that all sides would come together and talk. 

Ahead of the annual Children’s Day this January 11, the Suan Dusit Poll has disclosed results from the latest survey conducted on 1,337 children nationwide during January 6-8. According to the findings, 61.5% of the kids viewed politics as a tiring subject and a cause for endless arguments. Another 19% said political problems were holding the country back and weighing the people down.

When asked about possible solutions to the political impasse, as many as 42% of the children suggested that all factions resort to talks and be united. Another 21% wanted harsher penalties for wrongdoers while 16% called for politicians to learn to compromise and forgive one another.

Although they wished that political figures would act as role models for them, a huge majority of 89% confirmed they had no interest in entering politics when they grow up. Only 11% set out to become good politicians in order to serve their country.