PM voices encouragement of BNK48 performer


Bangkok, 12th September 2018 – The Prime Minister has spoken in support of pop group BNK48 member Cherprang Areekul, after she received criticism for appearing on a government TV program, saying Thai society is in need of an active new generation.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha has responded to anti-government groups attacking BNK48 captain Cherprang Areekul online, calling her a mouthpiece of the state after her appearance on “Thailand Moves Forward”. The PM issued a reminder that computer offense laws still exist in Thailand and remarking that online aggressors often flee the country.

On Cherprang herself, the PM said he was disturbed by the situation as he saw her actions as beneficial to the nation and undeserving of ridicule. He stated that his government and pop acts such as BNK48 don’t mutually benefit one another and therefore the situation is not a threat to the country.

Gen Prayut said the country is in need of an active new generation, saying young people can play a variety of roles whether political or not, noting that those who choose not to be political can still be supportive of the government.

The PM voiced encouragement of Cherprang and asked her to continue to do good and serve her nation.