PM urges parents to keep watchful eyes on children


BANGKOK,(NNT) Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has asked parents to ensure the safety of their children by paying more attention to their summer activities.


Expressing his concerns about childrens safety, the prime minister said summer is a time for recreational activities such as swimming. It is sadly a time when a lot of children drown; therefore, parents must be more vigilant and always keep an eye on their children playing in the water.

Because of the heat, he said parents as well as school bus and van drivers should never leave children alone in the vehicle.

Apart from personal tragedies, he said summer can also bring natural disasters such as storms and water scarcity. While the former cannot be prevented, the latter can he said today, by storing more water in reservoirs and suitable containers, growing drought-tolerant crops, and consuming water more wisely and efficiently.