PM urges cooperation as authorities prepare Songkran safety measures


Bangkok – The Prime Minister has asked for the cooperation of the public in official efforts to reduce accidents and losses during the Songkran period, adding that he wants to see not only a reduction in accidents during the holiday but throughout the year.

The PM has urged citizens to conduct careful driving and to work with the authorities to reduce the number of accidents. He said that road accidents can only be avoided through a concerted effort by all road users, reminding all to drive within the speed limit, for motorcyclists to wear their helmets, for all to avoid driving under the influence and to observe all security measures. He added that he wants to see safe driving during the so-called Seven Dangerous Days of Songkran, and throughout the year.

Minister of Transport Arkhom Termpittayapaisit has called a meeting of executives of the Department of Land Transport and Transport Co Ltd as well as other relevant agencies to discuss safety measures for public transportation during the holiday. He is expected to announce that more stringent measures are to be introduced this year after three major accidents took place in close succession recently.

In Yala province, a four sided caravan has been released to promote crime prevention efforts during Songkran 2018. Checkpoints are to be set up along all of the provinces main roads as well as many of its minor roads, and patrols are to also take place. Citizens in the province have been asked to cooperate with authorities if asked to allow a search of their vehicle.

A similar caravan has been released in Si Sa Ket province, where a joint force of 150 personnel is to patrol target areas to counter crime. The effort is to bolster the confidence of Songkran revelers both local and visiting.