PM says Thailand will be corruption-free in 20 years


Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said the government will not intervene in the Thai justice system, while urging everyone to cooperate with the government to combat corruption.


Presiding over the opening ceremony of the government’s Anti-Corruption Day event, the premier said that corruption is the cause of social unrest and prevents the country from growing and developing in a sustainable way.

Gen Prayut said the Anti-Corruption Day event aimed to encourage everyone in the country to fight against all types of graft, to augment the government’s ongoing efforts. He further stated that every corruption-related case must be handled fairly, according to the legal procedures. The premier affirmed that the government will not interfere with the legal process.

He also cited the need to instill in younger generations negative attitudes towards corruption, in order to prevent it from occurring in the future. Gen Prayut also expressed confidence that Thailand will be free of graft in 20 years, as his government has an effective plan in place.