PM pleads for national unity to sail through political crisis


BANGKOK, 3 December 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has addressed the nation to call on all sides to cooperate with the government in creating peace and moving Thailand past the current political turmoil. 

PM Yingluck on Tuesday appeared on the TV pool a few hours after the anti-government protesters declared their victory in tearing down the barricades erected around Government House. The premier admitted that normalcy had not been restored in the capital but the situation was considered improving.

Authorities have been instructed to be lenient with the protesters and avoid violent confrontations. Ms Yingluck added that the government wished to find solutions which would bring long-term peace to the Thai people although there were still differing political views in the society.

The premier stated further that she had already invited academics, businessmen, the protesters as well as representatives of the people from all walks of life to participate in a national political reform forum where all voices would be heard.

The prime minister concluded her statement by encouraging all Thais to be united for His Majesty the King on the special occasion of his 86th birthday this month.