PM opens Silom Walking Street


BANGKOK – To brighten the New Year holidays, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is piloting Walking Street venues on touristy roads in Bangkok, namely Silom, Yaowarat, and Khao San, featuring street food and vendors. Let’s look at some images from last evening when the Prime Minister officially launched the event on Silom Road.

The Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha toured the pop up shops of street vendors and various other activities at the Silom Walking Street event on Silom Road, Bangkok, held to promote tourism, upgrade Thailand’s street food scene, stimulate the economy, and help low-income earners make some money.

He said Bangkok remained the top global destination for the 4th consecutive year in a Mastercard survey of 200 cities. This provides opportunities for Thailand to increase tourism value, and provide memorable experiences to visitors who anticipate beautiful natural scenery, diverse and affordable food, many smiles, and peaceful destinations.

The government is working to promote the country’s tourism competitiveness, as the tourism sector is a key revenue generator for Thailand, however tourist safety must remain a priority, said the Prime Minister, adding that this walking street campaign will be extended to other provinces starting from 22nd December in capable areas.

From Silom Road, the Prime Minister took the MRT train to Wat Mangkorn station to visit Yaowarat Walking Street in Samphanthawong district promoting street food. Here, the Prime Minister sang various popular songs with event goers, wishing Thai people a happy new year. Let’s take a look at the scene with the Prime Minister joining the people in song.