Thai PM: No Cabinet Reshuffle


BANGKOK– After the censure debate, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said there would not be a cabinet reshuffle for the time being.

“There will not be a reshuffle. It is not the time yet,” Gen Prayut said. When a reporter quoted a source as saying that some MPs of the opposition Pheu Thai Party would defect to the coalition, Gen Prayut asked for the source of the information.

The prime minister answered reporters’ questions after the House gave its votes of confidence to him and five ministers.

Asked about the no-confidence debate, Gen Prayut said everything was fine and it was a parliamentary activity.

“I confirm that I will work for the public interest. Today I am relieved. Now I can do other work. Many tasks await me,” Gen Prayut said. His tasks included the spending of government budgets so that money would reach all target groups, he said.

Gen Prayut said he was open to opinions from all parties, especially social media users.

“We must look into our own mistakes and problems including the creation of understanding. Of course, it is impossible to convince everyone, especially the new generation,” he said.

“Please treat this government fairly. We work with determination and honesty. What are considered as problems, let the justice system handle them. I do not make an excuse or any objection. Everyone must respect the justice system,” the prime minister said.