PM: More incentives to be given to workers


BANGKOK, May 1 — Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Labour Day that his government has helped workers and their families in various aspects including raising wages for skilled workers and allowing unregistered workers to enter the government-sponsored Social Security Fund starting from today.

In his weekly TV and radio address, held for the last time before he dissolves the House of Representatives early this month and call for a general election, expected to be held in June, Mr Abhisit said his government which has ruled the country over two years had assisted workers’ families by urging business enterprises to set up child care centres so mothers could tend to their children while working.

Several labour laws have been passed, including one which allowed unregistered workers to be able to enter the Social Security Fund and enjoy better benefits from today, he said.

On the upcoming election, Mr Abhisit said he would discuss with members of the Election Commission tomorrow on ways to ensure that the election would be held in a transparent manner and he would ask other parties in his coalition government to cease installing posters of their election platform for the time being as it would display “equality to every party contesting in the upcoming election.”

Mr Abhisit said he had also discussed with every minister that “only urgent matters” should be discussed this Tuesday during the cabinet weekly meeting and that no major projects would be conferred without prior approval by related agencies before the House dissolution.

“However, works (by this government) would be conducted with utmost efficiency without leaving any vacuum,” Mr Abhisit said.

Asked whether he has mapped out any measures to solve country’s problems and how he would reform the nation if he has a chance to become a prime minister again after the election, Mr Abhisit said more problems are expected due to global uncertainty.

“Measures to resolve problems have been laid out on a long-term basis. We must not lose our concentration no matter how severe the crux is,” Mr Abhisit said.

He said he had said repeatedly in the past that he would “not stay long in politics, [he] would switch to another field and teaching is my most favourite thing to do.”

“However, everything depends on the outcome of the election,” he added. (MCOT online news)