PM holds talks with print media


BANGKOK, 4 Dec 2014,  Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday held a discussion on the Government’s works with the members of the press asking for their cooperation in addressing the country’s issues.

The meeting, which was held at Rajpruek Club with 16 executives and representatives from the print media in attendance, lasted for about 2 hours. When it was over, the Prime Minister said it had been held to clarify the government’s approaches to solving the country’s problems, which needed the support of the press.

According to him, the Government is doing its best not to criticize or interfere with the media’s duty, saying this meeting aims at creating understanding between the two parties.

The member of the print media later disclosed that the discussion went on smoothly, adding that the Government did not attempt to intervene in or manipulate their work, only clarifying its past achievement and future endeavors