PM expresses care for vocational students


CHIANG MAI, 30 June 2015 – The Prime Minister has expressed his concern regarding the living conditions of vocational students, urging improvements on living conditions and safety must happen along with curriculum enhancement, says a spokesman.

Deputy Government Spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd has said that vocational education was one of the topics at discussion during the Cabinet meeting today. He said the government has been focusing on encouraging vocational education in order to create an adequate amount of workers to meet the market’s demand.

He said that the government intends to introduce and encourage vocational education to high school students, while the Prime Minister expressed his concern to vocational students who face difficulties in their everyday lives.

The Prime Minister is reported to have mentioned thatvocational student’s livelihoods should be improved in parallel with the improvements on the curriculum, especially regarding the safety of their daily lives.

The Thai PM has also stressed in the meeting on the importance of sports, which Thailand has been very successful at recently. He pointed that branch offices of the sports association should be established in each regional to provide more opportunities for potential athletes.

The Cabinet meeting today also discussed the current tourism situation where the revenue from this year’s tourism is expected to reach the expected 2.2 trillion baht mark.