PM denies charges made by NACC over rice scheme


BANGKOK, 20 February 2014  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has rejected charges in connection with the government’s rice-pledging scheme, saying she is not personally involved with any rice sale irregularities. 

The premier took to her Facebook page to insist that in addition to devising policies for the rice program, she had granted exclusive authority to officials working for the scheme. Ms Yingluck has been accused of negligence in her duties as the chairwoman of the National Rice Policy Committee, which oversees the scheme.

She has so far denied all accusations made by the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC).

She revealed that on February 11, two documents were sent to the NACC, explaining her case, but no reply had been received from the NACC. Following their decision to summon her to hear formal charges, the premier questioned why the case was handled in such a hasty manner.

Ms Yingluck has called for more transparency and impartiality in the case as she hopes to be given a fair hearing.

The NACC has said that Ms Yingluck would be asked to hear two charges by February 27. The charges are abuse of power causing corruption, which could result in her impeachment, and malfeasance.