Phuket makes plans to capture stray crocodile


Phuket – Phuket authorities have drafted a plan to capture a crocodile spotted again three days ago, with drones and cages to be employed in the effort.

Deputy Governor of Phuket Tawornrat Kongkaeo has visited Had Layan beach of Koh Kata, an island in the province where a crocodile has been spotted off shore several times in the recent weeks.

The latest sighting was reported by hotel staff on Hat Traitrang beach; they also reported signs that the croc had been on the shore. The district chief and a crocodile hunting team have been sent to the area to track the animal and capture it.

Fishermen operating in Sirinat National Park also reported seeing the crocodile, which has led authorities to believe it is circling Koh Kata. The plan to capture it involves placing bait in eight cages to lure the crocodile. The cages are based on local traditional designs and will use chicken meat as bait.

Fishermen have been asked to keep an eye out for the animal and to report any sightings. A drone is also being used to try to find the crocodile. Its removal from the area is urgent due to the island being a tourist destination. Security personnel have been sent to the island’s beaches for the time being to ensure the safety of holidaymakers, who so far have not been deterred by the sightings.