Phuket dive boat completely burned down in Chalong Bay


PHUKET, 12 September 2014  – A boat taking tourists out for diving in Phuket province has caught fire as it was docked ashore at a pier in Chalong Bay. Damages are expected to be no less than 10 million baht.

The boat has been completely set ablaze as it contained a lot of diving equipment and fuel. Strong winds have also fanned the flames even further. There were also no fire boats nearby the area to put out the fire in the beginning.

Fortunately, no deaths or injuries are reported. The dive boat belongs to the Andaman Ocean Safari Co. Ltd.

Authorities suggest that the fire may have resulted from an electrical shock in the boat’s battery or from a short circuit. Thankfully, other boats that were moored nearby the burning dive boat were able to relocate their vessels elsewhere before they were caught on fire.