Phitsanulok businesses vouching for improvement to Phu Du border crossing in Uttaradit


PHITSANULOK, 2 June 2015 – State agencies and the private sector in Phitsanulok are pushing for the development of Phu Du ( ภูดู่ ) permanent border crossing point in Uttaradit into a prominent trade, investment and tourism hub along the Thai-Lao border.

State agencies and businesses in Phitsanulok will co-host an international meeting over the Phu Du border crossing point during August 16-20. Natthakon Sochindamani, chairman of Phitsanulok federation of industries, revealed on Monday that the border crossing point has undergone significant development, especially on the Lao side where preparations have been made to enable the border crossing point to accommodate increased trade and investment with Thailand. He added that some 70% of basic commodities in Laos were imported from Thailand.

Mr. Natthakon explained that Phu Du border crossing in Uttaradit would provide businesses in Phitsanulok with an alternative pathway for the transportation of goods from Thailand. Goods from Phitsanulok are currently being transported to Laos through the Tha Li border point in Loei, which is farther away from Phu Du border crossing.

Uttaradit is situated directly north of Phitsanulok, whereas Loei borders Phitsanulok is to the east.

According to Mr. Natthakon, the Thai side of the Phu Du border crossing needs to be improved, and this is expected to be achieved within this year. He also suggested tourists heading to Xayaburi or Luang Prabang in Laos to consider using the Phu Du border crossing, as it offered greater convenience.