Pheu Thai party sends SMS to MPs reminding to vote for constitutional amendment


BANGKOK, 18 October 2013 Government Chief Whip, Amnuay Klangpa, the Pheu Thai party had sent SMS messages to remind Members of Parliament (MPs) not to miss the voting in the third reading of Section 190 of the constitution amendment – also noting that Thaksin will not dissolve the parliament. 

The Chief Whip also stated that although the date of voting for Sections 68 and 237 has not yet been fixed, the two sections of the constitution amendment would also be brought into parliament after concluding the votes regarding Section 190.

SMS messages had been sent to party MPs, urging them to participate in the voting of the Section 190 amendment on November 2 – also ordering all MPs to remain in the country.

Whether or not bringing in the Section 68 amendment into parliament would escalate current protests is another issue, said Mr. Amnuay, as it is solely for the benefit of the Thai people.

As for rumors of dissolving parliament, the government Chief Whip affirmed that former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra gave no such orders.