People pay respects to late King Bhumibol


BANGKOK – Thais from across the country have continued to travel to the Grand Palace to pay obeisance to His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, showing gratitude for His Majesty’s dedication to improving the lives of his subjects.

Thailand News 15-03-17 3 NNT People pay respects to late King Bhumibol 1

Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall this morning received visitors from Bangkok, as well as distant provinces such as Saraburi, Roi Et and Khon Kaen. Many mourners brought their children with them, as schools are closed for the summer. Officials have been stationed to accommodate visitors and advised all to dress in formal, respectful attire for the occasion. Gift cards and journals featuring illustrations by the late King have also been sold near the palace.

People have also visited the Yen Sira Phro Phra Bori Ban exhibition. The exhibition is divided into five zones, The Merit of Thailand, A Righteous King, The Great Kings, A Representative of the Thai People, and The Hearts of the Thais, which features 89 photos of His Majesty’s royal duties and 89 of his royal decrees.