People in Surin flock to buy secondhand winter clothes


SURIN, 22 December 2013 As the weather is cold in the morning in any places, including Surin, the residents as well as merchants have come to Surin’s Chong Jom Border Market to buy secondhand winter clothes to stay warm. 

Many people, both the locals and merchants, flocked to Chong Jom Border Market in Surin to buy winter clothes to resell and use to protect themselves from the cold winter. Secondhand blankets are popular. The prices are around 50-200 baht per blanket.

As winter is approaching, many people started purchasing for winter clothes and some opt for second hand clothes because the prices are a lot lower. The officials has warned people of three major diseases; mycosis, allergy, and skin disease such as ringworms, that come with the old clothes.

Because buyers do not know if there are any germs or bugs on the clothes, the officials advised people to wash the clothes or boil them for 15-60 minutes before wearing.

According to the Public Health Ministry, used clothes are very popular in Thailand, and up to 20 million kilograms of second hand winter clothing were imported to the country each year.