People back using 453 train service between Yala and Sungai Kolok after terrorist attack


YALA, 15 September 2014 – People flocked to Yala train station this morning as it is now back in service after a 3-day closure due to a terrorist attack on the train tracks. 

The Yala train station this morning was very active as people returned to catch the first 453 train running between Yala province and Sungai Kolok of Narathiwat Province, so as to resume their work in the Sungai Kolok area. Today the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) resumes its full local service after being halted for three days. Police were also on board the trains today to guard passengers.

The interruption to services was due to a bomb explosion on 12th September 2014, in the sub-district of Tanyonglimo, Rangae district of Narathiwat province, which destroyed the train tracks at that point. Personnel were sent out to repair the damage and security measures are now in place so that such a situation won’t not arise again.