Pavena Foundation assists 2 extremely obese men


BANGKOK, 24 May 2013 Two obese men have been admitted to Yanhee hospital in Bangkok after experiencing life-threatening complications as a result of their excessive weight. 

The Pavena Foundation for Children and Women facilitated the admission of Nakharet Niewkun (39), who weighs 380 kilograms and Roekdi Bamrungsuk (17), who weighs 165 kilograms. The foundation is assisting the two because they are poor and unable to afford treatment themselves.

Mr. Nakharet, who is a fisherman, told reporters he started to gain weight after taking a job on fishing vessels. He did not move around much because of the limited space on the vessels, and he consumed excessive amounts of food. He has trouble breathing and cannot move about in a normal manner. Sometimes he would stop breathing in his sleep, which then triggered spasmodic jerks by his body and resulted in him biting his own tongue.

Mr. Roekdi, the other admitted obese patient who is a student at a school in Nakhon Nayok, has 3 times the appropriate body weight for his height.

Dr. Suthon Phisutthinusat, the medical director at Yanhee hospital, indicates that both patients will undergo physical therapy and food control, and take weight-loss medicine. Surgery will be avoided because it would have side effects in the long run. Treatment of the two patients is expected to take 1 year.

Mr. Nakkharet told reporters he would like to work at the Pavena Foundation once he has completed treatment, to repay the kindness offered to him.