Pattaya Mail launches new, improved web site


As the clock struck midnight on the 31st of December in Thailand, while millions of people ushered in a New Year and indeed a new decade, some partying in their homes, others on the streets marveling at the magnificent fireworks around Pattaya bay, deep within the Pattaya Mail headquarters one lone figure launched his brainchild onto the online community by unveiling the new Pattaya Mail website.

The new website has a host of new features including a new layout and ‘one story – one page’ concept which means it’s far easier to share a story with your online friends.

Over the last two years the webmasters at Pattaya Mail have been doing intensive research into what articles are the most popular and therefore they have made those articles much easier to find.

You might ask, ‘Why change it?’ In these ever changing times viewer expectations have risen sharply with the advent of improved Internet services and the reality that they have more choice on where to find their news.

Pattaya Mail has always been at the forefront of bringing you the stories that count and although the new site will take a little getting used to, you will find it is far easier to navigate around and it will be updated as the news comes in, not just when the Pattaya Mail hits the newsstands.

In addition to the above, readers can now for the first time comment on stories so even more of an unbiased consensus will be available.

PMTV (Pattaya Mail Television) will also be connecting with the new website by attaching interviews and features to the respective articles.

For the last 17 years Pattaya Mail has been serving the Eastern Seaboard.  Now, as we move into a new decade, we will continue to do so to even a bigger audience here locally, nationally and overseas.

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