Patients with dengue fever increased five times this year


BANGKOK, 11 February 2013 Public Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr Narong Sahamethapat revealed that the number of people with dengue fever exceeded 5,700 people during January 1st to February 5th. 

According to Dr. Narong, the number of patients with dengue fever has increased 5 times compared to that reported during the same period last year. He said the number could rise to around 100,000 – 120,000 people.

According to the Permanent Secretary, people who are at risk of contracting the fever include adults, overweight people, and teens. He cautioned that 90% of the patients have mild fever while red rashes on their bodies are not visible which, to the doctor’s first diagnosis, might not appear to be the symptoms of dengue fever.

However, if the symptoms have gone undetected, the lives of those who have it could be at great risks. 4 patients have reportedly succumbed to the disease so far this year. To prevent more deaths, public health provincial offices have been instructed to kill mosquito larvae before the rainy season arrives.

Thai people are also encouraged to keep all containers closed to prevent mosquitoes from using them as their breeding grounds. A war room has been set up to devise a strategy to reduce the number of deaths and contain the outbreak.