Parents urged to be closer to teens as suicide rate reaches 170 a year

Dr. Maturada Suwanpho.
Dr. Maturada Suwanpho.

Bangkok – Rajanukul Institute has worked with private sector organizations to host LOVE SICK, an activity promoting strong family ties and ways for parents to connect with their teenage children. The event was highlighted by a talk from institute director Dr. Maturada Suwanpho on the topic of unhappy teens.

Dr. Maturada disclosed that according to the Department of Mental Health, 170 Thai teens on average die from suicide each year with the main reason being difficult romantic relationships and conflict within the family. She remarked that part of the problem may be the fast pace of modern Thai life and the fact that most teens spend more time on their mobile phones than speaking with their parents, further noting that teens facing issues now more often seek guidance from friends who may lead them down a path of vice and ultimately suicide. She urged parents and guardians to show their children love and warmth and to be available to them via social media, especially between school terms when they may be most vulnerable.