Panda Lin Hui to get ultrasound scan for pregnancy


CHIANG MAI, 2 August 2015 – The veterinarian team of Chiang Mai Zoo is preparing to take panda Lin Hui for an ultrasound scan later this month following an artificial insemination in July.

The veterinarian team is in an expectant mood after Lin Hui has begun to show signs of pregnancy, such as a growing appetite, the making of her own territory, weight increase and a higher progesterone level.

Zoo visitors are also curious about the giant panda’s condition. Many of them formed a long line to detect her changes. Lin Hui is the mother of female giant panda Lin Ping – the first female panda born in the zoo and has been sent back to China since 2013.

Specialists will conduct a thorough health check-up and an ultrasound scan on Lin Hui on August 21.