Over 12,000 trademark and IP registration requests made in Q1


BANGKOK, 3 June 2015,Department of Intellectual Property Director-General Malee Choklamlert has reported that 12,198 trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) registration requests were made during the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 35.9 percent from the same period last year.

She attributed the jump to the government’s policies to promote brand name development and product differentiation, which benefit value-added products.

The Department Director-General indicated the majority of the registered trademarks were related to laundry products, cosmetics, aroma products, leatherware, shoes, rice, tea, coffee, sugar powder, snacks, electrical appliances & tools, veterinary tools, and healthcare products.

Ms. Malee said her department would promote agricultural goods registered as Geographical Indication (GI) products abroad. She said GI goods are unique value-added items that can only be produced locally.

Thailand is poised to penetrate GI product markets in China and ASEAN nations. Currently, these GI goods include Hommali Jasmine Rice from Pattalung, Saraburi rice, sticky rice from Kalasin, pomelo from Chainat & Nakhon Pathom, and tamarind from Petchabun.