Outstanding inventors to get awards on Inventors’ Day


BANGKOK, 25 January 2013 The National Research Council of Thailand has announced that it will hold an award presentation to honor outstanding researchers and inventors on Inventors’ Day, February 2nd. 

A successful breeding of the first Thai Eld’s deer in the world by veterinarian Dr Amphika Thongpakdi and her team has won the outstanding research award from the National Research Council. The Thai Eld’s deer is an endangered species. The breeding was conducted through an in-vitro fertilization (test tube). Currently, the endangered Eld’s deer are found in its natural habitat in Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary, Huai Sadong, in Kanchanaburi.

Outstanding awards will be given to 34 inventors for the year 2012, whereas only 4 researchers on Thai behaviors will receive excellent and consolation prizes. Both award categories are to honor inventions and research projects which benefit the nation.

Every year, the National Research Council of Thailand invites several organizations and agencies to propose their research projects and PHD theses for the annual awards. The award presentation ceremony will be held on Inventors’ Day, February 2nd at IMPACT.