Ordnance Division begins marching rehearsal of chariot bearing royal urn


The Royal Thai Army Ordnance Division has begun its rehearsal of the march with the royal chariot, which will carry the royal urn of King Rama IX.

The Ordnance Division has selected 441 officers to undergo a lengthy training course, which consists of an orientation to the funeral procession, dress code, and marching rehearsals.

Director-General of the Royal Thai Army Ordnance Division Lt Gen Awut Aemwong delivered a speech to the selected officers on Monday, saying that bearing the royal chariot is a task of the highest honor and urged them to fully dedicate themselves to the ceremony as a way of honoring the late King.

The group will undergo training at the ordnance academy in Saraburi province before integrating with the First Army at the 11th Army Division in Bangkok. The rehearsal will involve the use of two military vehicles of similar weight as the royal chariots.

Training will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until the end of September, before integrating with the First Army at the actual location in October. The royal funeral will take place on October 26.