Operation to retrieve Phuket boat accident victim continues


Phuket – The operation to retrieve the body of the last victim in a fatal boat accident in Phuket continued throughout the weekend.

The rescue team were not been able to succeed in their effort to bring to the surface the body of the last victim of the boat accident, despite a well-planned operation that involved separate teams tasked with various responsibilities to make it possible.

Royal Thai Navy divers tried to install a sand removal mechanism on the floor of the sea, where the victim’s body was spotted, but they encountered a series of technical difficulties, until foreign divers came to help with additional equipment.

During the operation, China’s Guangzhou Salvage rescue team brought in a surface tool, to help dig the body out of the sea bed but all collaborative efforts still failed to achieve the goal.

The body retrieval operation was then called off temporarily when it was too dark for the teams to continue their efforts.