Officials continue to eradicate military-grade weapons from streets


TAK, 16 June 2014, – A combined force of police and soldiers has confiscated several firearms in Phobphra and Maesod Districts of Tak Province. 

According to Colonel Terdsak Ngamsanong, Commander of the 4th Military Special Task Force in Maesod District of Tak Province, his unit, with the help of local police, yesterday seized M 79 grenade launchers, air rifles, homemade handguns and rounds of ammunition, after conducting a search in the 2 districts.

The officials also discovered an AK-47 rifle and five rounds of ammunition abandoned in the woods near a cemetery in Rimmei Village in the district of Mae Sod. According to them, the weapon was wrapped in a black plastic bag. Officials said the gun owner must have disposed of the assaulting rifle to avoid authorities after the National Council for Peace and Order announced its policies to get rid of military-grade weapons from the streets.

In related news, Region 2 Police have apprehended Dumrongsak “Joe” Rak-yat for human trafficking and having 11 firearms in possession.