OBEC to draft education system reform details


BANGKOK, 12 Jan 2015. – The Office Of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) is working on the details of the Education System reform planning for 2015 – 2021, in the hope of raising the quality of Thai education to the international standards.

OBEC Secretary-General Kamol Rodklai disclosed during a meeting yesterday that Thailand’s education system ranks 78th in the world and 8th in ASEAN.

According to him, the overall rankings of other Asean member nations such as Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have been steadily rising over the past eight years, expressing his concerns that Thailand’s education will soon lag far behind those nations’ unless action is taken to raise her standard.

The reform would focus on 4 areas, including curriculum revision, giving all children equal access to education, and improving education quality in accordance with the Education Ministry’s policies, Besides, the nation must also develop the quality of teachers, and the administration’s power over education institutes must be decentralized further, said Mr. Kamol.

The details of the proposed reform will be submitted to the Education Minister, Admiral Narong Pipattanasai, before being forwarded to the National Reform Council