Number of road accidents during 2018 New Year holiday drops


The center for the prevention and reduction of road accidents for New Year 2018 has announced the number of road accidents and fatalities is lower than the previous year and went on to thank all relevant units for their work in ensuring safety for commuters throughout the holiday.

Deputy Minister of the Interior Suthi Makbun said that from 28th December 2017 to 3rd January 2018, there were 3,841 road accidents, lower than the previous year by 58 accidents. The total number of fatalities was 423 people, a decrease of 55, and the total number of injured people was 4,005 people, down by 63. Seven provinces had no fatalities.

Udon Thani had the highest number of road accidents at 139 and Nakhon Ratchasima the highest number of fatalities at 17 people.

The deputy minister thanked all sides for their cooperation in decreasing the number of road accidents during New Year 2018 and thanked people who followed traffic rules.

The government will continue to campaign for road safety and strictly enforce laws since drunk driving is still the number one cause of road accidents, said the official.