Number of NRC candidates expected to exceed 6,000


BANGKOK, Sept 2 —  Overwhelming numbers of applications are being received from candidates vying for seats in the National Reform Council as candidacy registration ends today. The registration started on Aug 14. 

The Office of the Election Commission (EC) has gathered applications from representatives of non-profit organizations for the selection of 250 national reform councilors in the future.

Registration opened at 8.30am and closed at 4.30pm today. The Office of the EC registered 5,801 applicants nationwide.

Candidates also sent applications by mail and the Office of the EC will accept applications postmarked through Sept 2.

The Office of the EC is verifying candidate qualifications for the selection committee.

EC Secretary-General Puchong Nutrawong said he expected the total number of applicants to exceed 6,000 today.

Regarding the numbers, he said, the National Council for Peace and Order would have enough candidates from adequately various fields for the selection of councilors and the formation of the National Reform Council.

Mr Puchong said the selection committee would have its first meeting on Thursday to elect its head and it would have up to three subsequent meetings.

He believes that by Oct 2 candidates would be shortlisted consisting of 50 for each of 11 fields of work and five for each of 77 provinces.