NSC waiting for Malaysia to provide interpretation of BRN’s demand


BANGKOK, 25 June 2013 The National Security Council (NSC) will not consider the BRN’s conditions, proposed on a Youtube video, at this point saying that they must be for the benefit of local residents, not for any particular group. 

NSC Secretary General Lieutenant General Paradorn Pattanatabutr said the NSC is aware of the militant group’s proposals, which have been broadcast via the Youtube video, however, the NSC will not react to the video yet as it is still waiting for Malaysian authorities to provide an interpretation to the messages the BRN is try to convey to Thailand. He also denied a claim that people in the restive South want the military presence out of the area, saying there is no report of such a claim from the people themselves.

The NSC Secretary General expressed his belief that the reason for the BRN to go public about their demand was to gain support from people, adding that the video they posted has so far not affected the image of Thailand.