NRC’s sports reform committee proposes ideas and projects to help Thailand achieve excellence in sports


BANGKOK,July 2015 – The National Reform Council’s committee in charge of the reform of sports has proposed a series of ideas and projects to help Thailand achieve sporting excellence.

Vice chairman of the NRC’s sports reform committee Chutinant Bhirombhakdi and committee spokesman Gen Jira Komutpong, joined a news conference to provide an update on the reform agenda for sports, which has just received approval from the council’s main meeting.

They said the committee is in the process of adjusting the report on the reform as suggested by the meeting, which will be completed within seven days before presenting it for further deliberation. If green-lighted by the NRC, the report will go to the Cabinet for review.

The committee is also preparing three draft laws, including one related to the establishment of a national sports university, one concerning the national sports council and another which suggests several improvements for the related ministry, departments and divisions.

In the committee’s sports reform plan, a strategy has been devised that involves six points, 36 approaches and 99 projects — all of which adhere to the principle of “Sports for Security and the Promotion of Sustainable Prosperity” which aims at sporting excellence on a par with international standards and a modern sports management system, among many aims.