NRC’s public health reform aims to make the people the centre of all development


BANGKOK, 7 April 2015 – A committee under the National Reform Council is urging for the setting up of an efficient public health service system with the people at the centre of all improvement.

Associate Professor Porapan Punyaratabandhu, chairwoman of the NRC’s committee on public health reform, said that the committee has completed its proposed reform plan and agreed that Thailand’s public health system should put the people at the center first.

Mrs. Porapan elaborated that, in doing so, the health service should be made available within a close proximity of all Thais of all levels and all the services must be extended to cover not only physical conditions but also mental and social elements.

She added that the reform of the system should also lead to the encouragement of the use of traditional Thai medicine, alternative medicine, and local wisdom related to medical practice.