NRC’s environment committee pushing for prevention of problems from all mega-projects


BANGKOK, 10 March 2015 – The National Reform Council’s committee on environment is pushing for more preventive measures against the impact of any problems caused by the implementation of mega-projects.

Spokesman of the NRC’s committee on natural resources and environment Thon Thamrongnawasawat said that the committee is planning to make it compulsory for all large-sized projects to prepare an environmental assessment report in order to promote transparency and the speed of the project execution.

Mr. Thon said that the push will involve the strategic environmental assessment or SEA, which will be conducted in advance for any project that covers a large area.

He added that the SEA will enable the public to be informed of and to take part in the project that will have an impact on their life since the beginning.

According to Mr. Thon, all steps suggested by the committee will be completed and conducted both before and after any project is executed as it is believed that such an approach will help Thailand achieve sustainable development and genuine public participation.