NRC whip spokesman suggests conditions for extended term of PM Prayut


BANGKOK, 7 June 2015  The spokesman of the National Reform Council whip has suggested a number of conditions that should be put in effect if the current term of Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha is to run longer than originally planned. 

NRC whip spokesman Wanchai Sornsiri said that calls for PM Prayut to remain in office to complete the national reform process did not come from the NRC and the National Legislative Assembly, who last week held a meeting to listen to the government’s report on its first year in office.

However, Mr. Wanchai stated that the suggestion of an extended term for the PM was heard during earlier trips by NRC members to visit and hear opinions of people across the country.

According to him, most people told the NRC that Thailand should not be hasty to hold a new election but should first complete the reform process.

Under such calls, Mr. Wanchai said that some conditions have also been proposed, including the amendment of the interim charter to allow for a public referendum on the extension of PM Prayut’s term by two more years, the clear listing of the areas to be reformed, respective deadlines and how to gauge the success, and the punishment that the PM will receive if he fails to achieve all promised reform efforts by the deadline.