NRC to summarize reform agenda for government


BANGKOK, 11 June 2015 – NRC Chairman Thienchay Kirananda has revealed that the NRC will on June 15 listen to its last report from the NRC committee on political reform, and will start summarizing the NRC’s reform agendas on June 16 before submitting it to the government.

The NRC will then convene on June 25 to hear proposals from its members on how to proceed in the event that the 2014 interim constitution is amended to allow for a public referendum on the new constitution.

If there indeed will be a referendum, the NRC will do its part in properly educating the public about the charter they will be voting whether to approve, Mr Thienchay affirmed.

However, if an amendment is passed to extend the reform roadmap by 2 years, effectively postponing general elections, he said a committee on the implementation of reform must be formed.

He added that the Constitution Drafting Committee is currently scheduled to submit the revised constitution to the NRC for consideration and approval on August 21.