NRC to consider energy reforms today


BANGKOK, 11 May 2015 -The National Reform Council (NRC) is scheduled to deliberate on several key issues involving energy reforms and public participation, in its meeting today.

Energy reforms in Thailand are much needed as energy reserves are declining. The country’s energy policy has often bypassed public input in the past.

The lack of public information, fuel price fluctuations and certain trade restrictions have prompted the country to rethink the way energy is being managed, to assure the future supply.

The NRC panel will consider four major changes which involve price restructuring, energy management, electricity and alternative fuels.

The moves are aimed at encouraging public participation, preventing development of monopolies, promoting sustainability and ensuring transparency.

NRC members will later consider introducing to Thais a single and universal emergency phone number ‘112’ for every emergency situation. People will be able to dial just one number to receive help.