NRC to conclude 37 aspects of reform by Aug 19


BANGKOK, 3 July 2015  – The National Reform Council (NRC) Whip has indicated that all the 37 aspects of national reform will be completed by August 19 of this year, while the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) has invited all 18 NRC committees to participate in the drafting of organic laws.

According to NRC Whip Wanchai Sonsiri, the NRC has agreed to the establishment of a committee to formulate a 20-year national development plan, which incorporates reform agendas from both the National Council for Peace and Order and the NRC.

He also revealed that the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) was scheduled to present its progress on the second draft of the constitution to the NRC between August 3-7,and forward the completed version to the NRC on August 22. The NRC would then vote on September 7 whether to approve of the nation’s new constitution.

As for the drafting of organic laws that will accompany the new charter, the CDC has invited representatives from all 18 NRC committees to take part in the process in order for the organic laws to be completed at the same time as the new constitution.