NRC to compile reform proposals to be included in new charter


BANGKOK, 27 April 2015 – The Spokesperson of the National Reform Council (NRC) has expressed satisfaction with the first seven days of debate on the draft constitution and said the new charter will lead to sustainable development and beneficial reforms.

NRC Spokesperson Wanchai Sonsiri revealed that the next step for the reform body will be to compile all proposals during the debate period and submit them to the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) within 30 days.

Mr Wanchai said that judging from the commitment level on both sides, he believed the CDC will revise the draft charter based on the NRC’s suggestions.

NRC will now compile the proposals into 36 areas of reform and 7 main agendas for national development. The proposals will be swiftly compiled, in order to be included in the new constitution’s reform mandates.