Noppadon clarifies on Govt’s Section 190 amendment bill


BANGKOK, 14 Oct 2013, Section 190 amendment bill will be done in order to level the nation’s play field when dealing with foreign countries, according to Noppadon Pattama,

Noppadon vehemently denied rumors that the bill was in favor of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, his employer, as claimed by opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Earlier the Democrat Party leader made a claim that the amendment of Section 190 of the constitution would allow Mr. Thaksin to exploit it for his planned energy investment in Thailand’s neighboring countries.

Mr. Noppadon firmly declared that Mr. Thaksin did not have such a plan, adding that if there was a proof that the former Prime Minister had any energy-related concession, the former Premier would give them up and donate them to the foundation for the mentally-retarded.

As for the Section 190 amendment bill, Mr. Noppadon clarified that the charter change would make the bill clearer and ensure fairness to local businesses when negotiating with foreign companies. He reiterated that the amended bill would facilitate foreign deals regardless of the party controlling the government.