Nong Khai authorities seize 120 mil baht worth of illicit drugs


NONG KHAI, 14 May 2014  – Nong Khai’s Customs Department has seized 400,000 pills of methamphetamine and 1 kilogram of crystal meth, with a combined value of 120 million baht.

Nong Khai authorities have arrested two Laotian women, aged 30 and 20, for drug smuggling. The two were apprehended at the Thai-Lao border while driving a car loaded with 400,000 meth pills and 1 kilogram of crystal meth into the Thai soil.

After the arrest, the two confessed to their crime, saying they had been hired by a Laotian drug lord who paid them 10,000 baht to sneak the drugs into the Thai territory. According to authorities, the drugs could have been worth up to 120 million baht if they had been sold to a drug network in Thailand.

Since the beginning of 2014, there have been 20 drug busts in Nong Khai Province, where more than 426,000 meth pills and 9.35 kilograms of crystal meth worth 160 million baht have been seized.