No monks at Khon Kaen temple involved in embezzlement case


Khon Kaen – Counter Corruption Division (CCD) police say no monks at Wat That Pra Aram Luang Temple in Khon Kaen province were involved in the embezzlement of state funds.

According to the report, the National Office of Buddhism (ONAB) had previously allocated 10 million baht to Wat That Pra Aram Luang to support monks’ education. A former high ranking official at the ONAB allegedly asked for a sum of 9 million baht to be transferred to his account in 2013, leaving only 1 million baht for the temple.

The police spoke to the temple’s assistant abbot, Phra Kru Si Wisutthiwat, regarding the transfer and found that monks were not involved in the embezzlement.

The CCD police have so far spoken to three witnesses who claimed they knew which officials were involved in the illegal transfer of the nine million baht. The National Anti-Corruption Commission and the ONAB will be notified of progress.