No “LINE” blockage, but overall supervision. NCPO: return of Thai ambassador to UK.


BANGKOK – 01 June 2014 – The Army deputy Spokeperson Col Winthai Suwari has advised that the NCPO never planned to obstruct or cut off communications on “LINE”. but they will be under the supervision of the ICT for any threads posted via social networking that cause people to violate the NCPO’s rules or to commit any crime. However, the supervision will be focused only on certain individuals, with no impact on most people. “NCPO always respects the law and human rights and only necessary rules are enforced to have the least effect on the people” said the spokesperson.

Regarding the Thai Ambassador to the United Kingdom who was previously recalled home to report to The Office of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Ministry has explained that it is a normal and appropriate summons with no hidden agenda and since the new assignment is not in the same ministry, the order must be placed by the NCPO.